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Caution...Binding Arbitration is how they get you.

Mandatory Binding Arbitration -- A Corporate End Run Around the Civil Justice System

For more than 35 years, Corporate America has been trying to take power and authority away from civil juries. With mandatory binding arbitration, they are accomplishing exactly the same objective – abolishing jury trials and eliminating the American public’s right to sue and hold accountable corporations that cause injuries.

Mandatory binding arbitration clauses are standard business practice in credit card and real estate contracts, applications for bank loans and leasing cars, employment contracts and even HMO policies. In some states, they may apply broadly to insurance contracts. Consumers or small businesses who refuse to submit to mandatory binding arbitration will be unable to get credit cards, insurance, health care or jobs. - used cars denver

A 1925 federal law called the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), which was originally enacted to help resolve commercial disputes between businesses, is providing the legal basis for the broad use of arbitration clauses in consumer contracts.

Kia Dealers Financing contracts, Leasing contracts and binding arbitration in Denver, Colorado.

Mandatory binding arbitration is a process by which parties “agree” before any dispute arises (although consumers rarely know they have “agreed”) to have a third party arbitrator (single arbitrator or a panel), instead of a jury or judge, resolve a dispute. (It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with arbitration provided its use is knowing and voluntary and the agreement to arbitrate occurs after a dispute arises.) --- Castle Rock Day Care

Arbitrators are not required to have any legal training and they need not follow the law. Court rules of evidence and procedure, which tend to neutralize imbalances between the parties in court, do not apply. There is limited discovery, making it is much more difficult for individuals to have access to important documents that may help their claim. Arbitration proceedings are secretive. There is no right to public access. Arbitrators do not write or publish detailed written opinions, so no legal precedent or rules for future conduct can be established. Their decisions are still enforceable with the full weight of the law even though they may be legally incorrect. This is especially disturbing since these decisions are binding so victims have virtually no right to appeal an arbitrator’s ruling.

While arbitration clauses are said to be justified on the grounds that they are “voluntary,” this is hardly true. Arbitration clauses are usually outlined in tiny print, buried it documents and paragraphs and written in legalese that is incomprehensible to most people. Moreover, these clauses are mandatory, meaning that people are compelled to agree to arbitration even before a dispute arises (i.e., “pre-dispute.”). Because entire industries are inserting these arbitration terms into contracts, there is usually little choice but to agree to them. In other words, “consent” is not voluntary at all.  DenverUsed Cars Denver Used Trucks Denver Used Cars Wellness Coaching

If your Kia Dealership financing or leasing contract contains a dispute resolution solution which incorporates Binding Arbitration be sure you understand you are giving away many legal rights to sue, including for overcharges, exorbitant financing fees, warranty etc. As always, read the "fine print" or ask the Finance manager directly about dispute resolution procedures.

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In Denver, Kia sales prices do not include additional fees and costs of closing, including government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer documentation fees, any emissions testing fees or other fees. All prices and Internet Kia Sales prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Contact Richard's Motors for most current information.


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